Editor-in-chief V.R. KUCHMA, PhD, professor, corresponding member of RAS

Dear readers!

The journal «Problems of school and university medicine and health» highlights the urgent problems of health of children, adolescents and young people in educational institutions.

The journal “Health Schools” published since 1994, had made a significant contribution to the theory and practice of health of children and adolescents.

The scope of problems of the journal «Problems of school and university medicine» is extended and includes the problems of students of primary, secondary and higher education. The journal will also reflect the strategic directions of the state social projects «Health» and «Education», as well as contemporary strategies of WHO in the field of children’s health.

The founder of the journal is the All-Russian Society of school and university medicine and health (President – V.R. Kuchma, Corresponding Member of RAMS). The Editorial Board includes professionals in the field of hygiene of children and adolescents, preventive pediatrics, preschool, school and university health and education, representing different regional branches of the Russian Society of School and University Health and Medicine, as well as specialists from Belarus, Ukraine and the Netherlands.

We will continue to publish theoretical, scientific and practical materials on disease prevention, health protection of pupils, students in educational institutions, modern technologies of forming a single prophylactic environment in educational institutions, the problems of a healthy lifestyle, the use of innovative technologies in health, healthy eating and motor activity, schools promoting health, hygiene problems of university, the training of specialists with secondary and higher education, working in educational institutions, the international experience of health care for students.

The journal will devote a worthy place to the various aspects of cooperation with the European union for school and university health and medicine (EUSUHM). Readers will also find useful information about congresses, scientific-practical conferences, as well as the official information of Ministry of Health of the RF and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in the field of child health.

You will be able to familiarize with new regulatory and methodological materials, patents, resolutions of scientific conferences and other relevant information on various aspects of health of children, adolescents and youth in modern conditions of life.

Dear readers! I invite you to creative cooperation and hope that the current problems of science and practice of school and university medicine will be decided together with you more actively and more successfully!

Yours faithfully,

Vladislav Remirovich Kuchma, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
President ROSHUMZ,
Director of the Research Institute of Hygiene and Health Care for
Children and Adolescents
State Organization «Scientific Center of Children’s Health» RAS