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Journal “Problems of school and university medicine and health” is the successor of the journal “School health” (published since 1994). Scientific and practical peer-reviewed journal.

4 issues per year.

The journal contains scientific publications on urgent issues of hygiene and health care for children and adolescents, medical aid to children in educational institutions.

ISSN (Print) 2305-3895
ISSN (Online) 2307-2989

Subscription index in the catalogue “Rospechat”: 70084

The certificate of registration of mass media: PI number FS77-53561, issued by Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media on April 4, 2013

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All-Russian Association for School and University Medicine and Health

with the support of the Research institute of hygiene and health care of children and adolescents of National Medical Research Center of Children’s Health of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation with the participation of the Russian network of Schools for health

V.R. KUCHMA, PhD, professor, corresponding member of RAS

deputy editor-in-chief
P.I. KHRAMTSOV, PhD, professor (Moscow)

executive director
J.G. MOVSHIN (Moscow)

responsible secretary
E.D. Laponova, PhD (Moscow)

Address: № 5/5, Maly Kazjonny, Moscow, 105064;

phone: (495)917-48-31;

e-mail: vop_health@niigd.ru