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Journal “Problems of school and university medicine and health” is the successor of the journal “School health” (published since 1994). Scientific and practical peer-reviewed journal.

4 issues per year.

The journal contains scientific publications on urgent issues of hygiene and health care for children and adolescents, medical aid to children in educational institutions.

ISSN (Print) 2305-3895
ISSN (Online) 2307-2989

Subscription index in the catalogue “Rospechat”: 70084

The certificate of registration of mass media: PI number FS77-53561, issued by Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media on April 4, 2013


All-Russian Association for School and University Medicine and Health with the support of the Research institute of hygiene and health care for children and adolescents of Scientific Center of Children´s Health with the participation of the Russian network of Schools for health

V.R. KUCHMA, MD, professor, corresponding member of RAS

deputy editor-in-chief
P.I. KHRAMTSOV, MD, professor (Moscow)

executive director
J.G. MOVSHIN (Moscow)

responsible secretary
A.S. SEDOVA, MD (Moscow)

Address: № 5/5, Maly Kazjonny, Moscow, 105064;

phone: (495)917-48-31;

fax: (499)609-52-72;

e-mail: vop_health@mail.ru